Happy Girl!

Happy Girl!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Team Grall does Florida

We all need to take breaks from reality every once in awhile.  Whether you're a full-time college student, married, single, frustrated or happy in a career, young, old, healthy, special needs, or retired, we all need to take a break from the norm and do something fun to break out of our routine!

We are still recovering from our trip around the world it feels like, but I have at least one favorite moment from each day...hope the pictures give you a glimpse of our happiness during our own "break from reality!"

Still smiling after a full-day at Sea World on a holiday weekend :)

Lovin' our special time with family!

Sissy (Maddy) made the Ferry Ride to Magic Kingdom much more pleasant...

Zoe's kiss from Snow White....this was the moment I couldn't stop crying....so sweet!!!!

Zoe's magic carpet ride!  She loved this one and couldn't wait to get on!

Zoe just loves boat rides...
This was Zoe's face on a majority of the rides at Disney.....then, she couldn't stop talking about how much she loved it!

Precious moment...She keeps talking about how he kissed her on her nose too :)

Her favorite princess.

Rapunzel is so tiny!!  Especially next to long-legged Maddy :)

Sleeping Beauty...

Tooooo cute!!!  She was just in heaven.  Maddy was such a good sport too.

Zoe and Daddy dancing with Chip and Stitch!
Mama and Maddy were in line for Space Mountain for the umpteenth time!


She loved playing in the "snow!"  Wanted to build a snowman and everything!

Maddy about to get crushed from the huge waves!  We were on a wind-advisory so not able to parasail this go around........next time for sure though!!

At Bay Towne Wharf of Sandestin....fun spot!

Wish I could have captured her sign when she said, "Ahhh, so relaxing!"

Gorgeous girl on a gorgeous beach!


Mommy and Zoe

Mommy and Daddy

Happy sisters!

Zoe loves her sissy


Daddy and his teenager (I can't believe Maddy is already 14!!!!) 
Attack of Spongebob!  She's a fan now...at first she just called him "Cheese Man"

Admiring the adorable baby dolphin nursery at Sea World

Awaiting the Shamu show to start...we were excited right up until she figured out just how big he actually is, then she wanted nothing to do with him!!!  It was so sad!!

Looking back on all of our Florida pictures, I am realizing just how much we actually did in 9 days...4 different hotels, 2300 miles on the new suburban, 2 theme parks, shopping, swimming, and TONS of good eating...even through all of the traffic jams, Zoe's 'indigestion' (we'll just leave it at that...), sleepless nights, long lines, and HUGE crowds, we created memories that will last a lifetime for all 4 of us I believe.  I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

Other favorite moments include Zoe going through 4 pairs of sunglasses, Ariel (one of Zoe's favorite little toys) being "swept out to sea," license plate poker (I think we got 22 states or so?! including Maine!!), hot fudge hamburgers, tossing napkins around spinning clamshells, getting wave-slapped, popsicles for breakfast at bad-a$$ coffee, sweet prayers for D.O.G., doing the Wobble at Fudpucker's, holding a gator, and family hugs everywhere.....

Take some time this summer to really spend time with the ones you love.  Look them in the eye, tell them you love them, pray for each other, kiss and cuddle, find something to appreciate even during the roughest of days, laugh outloud, enjoy your best friends and family, and savor the memories God has blessed you with.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Zoe Turns 3!

We had quite an eventful weekend last weekend!  Zoe turned 3 and we celebrated...and celebrated...and celebrated...

Jay's sweet parents, Papa and Gramma came in Friday night while I was still traveling in from San Antonio. (I was fortunate to go and hear the Lovejoy Varsity Women's Choir perform at TMEA!!!  Wonderful trip, fantastic music-making, and just a lovely time! This is the group that achieved such an honor while under the direction of Bethany and myself! Such a proud moment!!!)  Anyways, we hit the ground running Saturday morning to prepare for Saturday night's party with family and Sunday afternoon's party with some neighborhood friends!

We had a surprise visitor Saturday afternoon, sweet Ruthie from church!  She is Zoe's aide on Sunday mornings at Prestonwood.  Then, Gramma and I iced cupcakes and survived a minor lavender icing catastrophe while doing so :)  Practice makes perfect I guess!  Zoe's sweet family started coming in that evening for her Rapunzel themed party Saturday night.  We had cupcakes, pink margaritas, and celebrated by launching these amazing lanterns.  If you're familiar with the movie "Tangled," then you know exactly what I'm talking about!!  We lit and launched about 36 lanterns into the Murphy sky Saturday night.  We texted a few neighbors and ended up creating a bit of a crowd with strangers driving down the street pulling over to see what these UFO's were all about!!  It was exciting, special, and quite memorable for all.  Keep a look out for a potential article in the local newspaper.......more to come!

Sunday morning started out way too early...someone was VERY excited to be turning 3 and woke up especially early ;)  We prepped for about 12 kids between the ages of 18 months old and 11 years old to come over for Zoe's Pinkalicious party.  Everyone was encouraged to wear pink, pink, pink!!  We were just blown away by everyone's kindness, support, and love of Zoe.  I'll let the pictures tell the rest.

Zoe and Ruthie...yes Ruthie dressed up for the occasion!!

Now Zoe has a matching tu-tu!!

First attempt at homemade cupcakes!

Yes, the Rapunzel braid from Halloween made an appearance for the party.

Mama, Zoe, and Jenna!!

Aunt Missy, Abby, Zoe, and Grammy

Zoe and Megan getting ready for the launch!

Still waiting!!!  And freezing!!!



Party #2

Cookie station

Pink, pink, pink!!

Tiara and visor decorating station!

Glitterfied and nail painting station
Our lovely assistants...Cousin Rachel's besties!


New favorite gift!!  A sand and water table

Yum yum!!

"Joel hearts Zoe!"  Love this kid.

Best part of the entire party was when Jay read Pinkalicious to everyone :)

Did I mention Zoe turned 3?!  Well, she did AND started a new school the very same week...she wasn't too sure about it the first day, but she hung in there.  PPCD is going to work out wonderfully for her.  We are going 2 afternoons a week, and starting on Tuesday she is getting picked up by a SCHOOL BUS!!!
Wasn't quite anticipating the emotion that came with this moment, but it was a bit overwhelming to see my little girl following directions, wheeling down a hallway of an elementary school, not crying AT ALL when I hugged her good-bye.  Silly because I know it's just for 3 hours, but seriously...where did the time go?!  So proud of her. (sniff, sniff...)